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12 Days of Christmas Auctions

Rooster Ridge: Michael M

Day 12: Terrence E, Josh M, Derek F, Michael M, Bob S, Sarah B, Anthony L, Kevin W, Kevin W, Lynn M, Derek F, Doug L

Day 11: Brice G, Michael N, Lynn M, Sarah B, Michael N, Ryan O, Erik I, Tom T, Lynn M, Ryan O, Michael N, Brice G

Day 10: Jim S, Jim S, Jim S, Jim S, Lynn M, Jeff L, Kevin W, Sarah B, Derek F, Jeff L, Jim S, Jeff L

Day 9: Doug H, Kevin W, Shawn L, Brad S, Steven H, Lynn M, Kevin W, Lynn M, Casey K, Michael M, Brice G, Pat W

Day 8: Ryan P, Derek F, Lynn M, Jeremy G, Jeff L, Nick A, Andrew S, Derek F, Derek F, Jeff L, Jeff L, Jeff L

Day 7: Derek F, Doug H, Derek F, Lynn M, Sarah B, Kevin W, Kevin W, Chad M, Derek F, Kevin W, William L, Mike C

Day 6: Darek F, Brian K, Brad B, Brad B, Casey K, Jeremy G, Eric B, Kevin W, Lynn M, Joe S, Shawn L, Michael G

Day 5: Tom T, Tom T, Sarah B, Tom T, Kevin W, Jeremy G, Erik I, Tom T, Sarah B, Andrew S, Derek F, Ryan P

Day 4: Kevin W, Michael N, Jonathon K, Lynn M, Derek F, Jeffrey V, Michael N, Derek F, David H, Sarah B, Anthony L, Michael N

Day 3: Eric B, Casey K, Kevin W, Anthony L, Shawn L, Lynn M, Joe S, Greg D, Michael N, Greg D, Michael N, Michael N

Day 2: Terry D, Derek F, David H, Casey K, David H, Mike E, Kevin W, Greg D, Joe S, Ann K, Benjamin T, Benjamin T

Day 1: Joshua V, David H, Brad B, Brad B, Doug H, Kevin W, Kevin W, Jay F, David H, Brad B, Derek F, Kevin B

DU Raffles Recent Winners

Winner Spotlight:

Congrats to Tom Koppe from Minnetonka! Tom won a 2018 Polaris Ranger at

the Lake Minnetonka DU Banquet that was generously donated by the Polaris Foundation!